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Thursday 9/3/15 work wine, Gypsy Blu, From the Boot, Brick & Barrel, Beer School

September 4, 2015

Thursday 9/3/15

STILL my favoritist Travel Mug.
Thanks to Joyce for leaving it in my car!
and i adopted it……

Meeting at work today included tasting some new wines

Alfresco dining in Ambler at Gypsy Blu

Tasting with Gypsy Blu in their dining room area.

They have a cool set up.

We were all Italian today excerpt one Chilean wine that
snuck in there…. (Leyda)

Tasting with Eliannah at From The Boot

Next stop is a new account: Brick & Barrel
located in Maple Glen, PA

Last stop was Wycombe Publick House.
Soon to be another new account for me!

neighbor Deb & Me at “Beer School”

we sent pictures to one of my customers who
wants to come to Beer School

Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout.
Last delicious beer of the night.
We paired it with some dark chocolate.


No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible
~Stanisław Jerzy Lec

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