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9/8/15 gym, Brick & Barrel, Iron Abbey, Jamison Pourhouse, friend Joanne

September 9, 2015


got myself to the gym today but can’t say
I did not feel like going after being
off for the past few days

had to go to center city, get some wine
& make a delivery

Di Majo Norante Sangiovese

Brick & Barrel my new account NEEDED my wine!

Drink the Sangiovese when you go to Brick & Barrel

a visit to the Iron Abbey.
The LOFT is going to feature Bourbon & Whiskey.

massive construction on 263 in Jamison, still!
When will it end?

We saw a SPRITE at Jamison Pourhouse.
Mike insisted friend Dean was here
because who else owns a car like this?
Apparently someone other than Dean……

Tuesday night Flight. Jim approved.

instead of cheesesteaks you can get $5 fish tacos.
They are really tasty & probably healthier than

met up with friend Joanne at the Pourhouse.

Life is a process of becoming.
combination of states
we have to go through.
Where people fail
is that they wish to elect a state
and remain in it.
This is a kind of death.
~ Anais Nin (1903-1977)
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