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9/10/15 slipper paws, Lucky Well, NEKTAR, New Hope,Main Street Animal Hospital

September 10, 2015


Slipper Paws

Weasel checking me out as I work

Spirits tasting at the Lucky Well

In New Hope on my way to an appointment

got a snapshot of my competitors wine….
It was a Pinot Noir Tasting.
She brought 3 from France & 3 from California

My wine line up. left to right….
Pinot Noir from:
Canada, Slovenia, Oregon, California, Italy, Chile

he liked 4 of my 6 (yay!)

If you are doing a FLIGHT of Wine,
don’t you want variety??

Pinot from France is so commonplace!
When is the last time you had a
Pinot Noir from SLOVENIA???!!!

The canal during a torrential rainfall.

I wanted to go to other accounts & especially in the
RAIN I would happily go BUT I needed
to get home to take Chester to the Vet.

Main Street Animal Hospital

We love it here. Chester not so much.

The Exam Room

Chester Rose Butt Sniffer

He had a rash on his belly.
They think it’s an allergic reaction to “something”.
So now we spray him down for the next few weeks
& he gets antibiotics. & ear stuff too.
He’s a good boy, just not 100% well.

Vanity plate on our way home from the Vet

New magnetic boards for the Hallway in
preparation for the new refrigerator.

I don’t like magnets & stuff all over the fridge.


“You will always find value in every situation.

Be grateful for all things that occur in your life

and your attitude will change dramatically.”

~Bob Perks

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