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Saturday 9/12/15 Biking, Swimming with Dogs, Free Will Brewing

September 13, 2015

Saturday 9/12/15

Gathering to begin our morning bike ride

ran into neighbors Roman & Denise walking Georgia

Deb & Me on the Dark Hollow Bridge.
We rode 33 miles today.
Better than NONE!

our former dog salon closed so we tried a new one

Chester is generally pretty cooperative
for a nail trim

Weasel HAD to see what was going
on with Chester

Weasel wasn’t too happy
but she tolerated the nail clipping

A local pool had SWIM with the DOGS day.

Weasel swimming!!

Neither dog was thrilled with swimming but
I think it’s just because they aren’t used
to the water.

Chester was happy STANDING in the water

Wondering when they can leave

Weasel in for a last dip.

By the end she was enjoying herself.

Next stop was FREE WILL brewing

it was a FOOD TRUCK day

Food was good. Beer was good.
AND we could bring the dogs!

Weasel snarfing


“The purpose of life

is to contribute in some way

to making things better.”

~ Robert F. Kennedy

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