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Monday 9/14/15 Seashore in the morning, Work From Home, Chicken cordon Bleu

September 14, 2015

Monday 9/14/15

Atlantic City skyline as seen from Ocean City
at 630 a.m.

such a nice morning.
wish I could stay for the day

that pesky work thing always gets in the way

I never tire of this view. Neighborhood watch.

Monday, my work from home day.
I accomplish A LOT on these days.

Found this in my tee shirt vault!
800 McTrade was our phone #

I miss the old Wall Street Days!

we had these Tee Shirts made for our customers.

They were a hot commodity.
Everyone wanted one!

Chef Helen at work tonight

pretty easy to make

and tasty to eat…..

Crab Fest at Cafe Michelangelo’s this weekend
if anyone wants to go.
Let me know if you need details.

Don’t wait for your feelings to change
to take the action.
Take the action

and your feelings will change.

~ Barbara Baron

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