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Tuesday 9/29/15 gym,FREE COFFEE, Cider Tasting, indoor volleyball, Iron Abbey

September 30, 2015

Tuesday 9/29/15

getting some GYM TIME.
I haven’t been in a few days.
I missed it 😦

I got mine at Dunkin Donuts after the gym
(hence why I look a mess)

I liked the new Dark Roast they now offer.

Vanity Plate

I figured it our right away, did you?

my new fancy wine bag compliments of
my new & improved BOSS!

I have FAITH!!!

Cider tasting at LUCKY WELL.
Hunter bought the French Cider.

visited Brick & Barrel

Tasted cider & got a new wine wish list.

A new account to be. THe grand opening was tonight.
They don’t have my wine…..YET!

I had 30 minutes to cook dinner (but not eat it!)

I made Eggplant “Fries”

they were really good & easy to make.

this is the recipe:

Michael & I had were off to play some volleyball tonight.

We met playing volleyball so it’s nice to still play together.

After volleyball we stopped at Iron Abbey (my account)
for Apres Volleyball snacks & beverages.

You can order a “bowl of bacon” here if you know about it.
Not everybody knows about it & it is NOT on the menu.

We played some Trivia poorly, then went home.


The thing that is really hard,
and really amazing,
is giving up on being perfect

and beginning the work
of becoming yourself.
~ Anna Quindlen

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