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Tuesday 10/13/15 gym, yianni’s, apollo grill, molinari’s, Volleyball, b & b

October 15, 2015

Tuesday 10/13/15

It was PILATES RING day at the gym today.
It’s a good work out.

Visiting my Account Yianni’s Taverna in Bethlehem

Wine tasting at Apollo Grill

you can drink Stella Pinot Grigio & Terranoble Chardonnay here!

tasting wine with Lee at Molinari’s

Organic wine dinner

Being held at Rodale Insitute in Kutztown

Anybody interested in going??

Farm to table with Organic Italian Wines

Volleyball tonight with Michael & friend Pete

Michael in Action

Tasty Cheese Plate at the Brick & Barrel
……my customer too!

You can drink the Sangiovese & Dom Brunet Pinot Noir here!
all mine 🙂

I need one of these every day…

Tell me to what you pay attention
and I will tell you who you are.

~ Jose Ortega Y Gasset

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