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Wednesday 10/21/15 Stealing Horses, Golf Clubs, Dog Park, Pizza again…. dogs

October 22, 2015

Wednesday 10/21/15

New book I am reading.
Has anyone else read it?

Another FOOD RULE!

visiting my account Lookaway Golf Club

Doylestown Golf Club. stunning views.

FINALLY! got an appointment at Hattery in Doylestown.

It was a Dog Park Day. so gorgeous for a late
October day. Temps were in the 70’s

Chester & Weasel dog parking it…..

2nd attempt at Butternut Squash pesto pizza

mmmm TASTY!

need the recipe??

They STILL share a bed….

Weasel half on half off


Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,

but the parent of all the others.

~ Cicero

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