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Sunday November 1st 2015 Organic Dinner at Rodale Institute with Molinari’s Chef

November 3, 2015

Sunday November 1st 2015

see all the pictures from today HERE:

Today friend Mary & I attended an organic dinner
being held by Rodale Institute in conjunction
with my customer Molinari’s.

Rodale Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach.

Rodale kitty

my customer LEE pouring Prosecco

We used my wine Zardetto Prosecco
made with Organic Grapes

me & friend Mary

Jeff Moyer is a world renowned authority in organic


He gave us a tour of the Farm.

some of the Rodale Farm animals

Arugula Salad with a pork sausage vinaigrette,
poached egg, Parmesan Reggiano

Pasta, Butternut squash, carrots, peppers

Herbed Chicken Sausage, potato risotto,
jalapeno, magic molly potato chips

Chef Dan Berardesca of Molinari’s

Caramel panna cotta with apple sbayon


Eating is not merely a material pleasure.
Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life
and contributes immensely
to goodwill and happy companionship.
It is of great importance to the morale.

Elsa Schiaparelli

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