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Wednesday 11/4/15 Almshouse 59, Doylestown CC, Hattery, Veterinarian

November 6, 2015

Wednesday 11/4/15

We’ve been having GREAT weather.
It is even confusing the Bluebirds!

Visiting my newest account!

Stopped in at Doylestown Country Club &
Met the buyer Harry Jones!

Appointment with Harry when I return from vacation!

this is the HATTERY in Doylestown.

See how the lights are HATS ?

Wine tasting at the Hattery

Hi Karen! Our neighbors daughter just happened
to be sitting outside the Hattery.

At Main Street Animal Hospital with Weasel.
They think she has a UTI. (Google it)

She’s so darn cute. I can’t stand it!

neighbor Maryanne & sister pat
met author Lisa Scottoline at a book signing/talk.

I was supposed to go but had to take Weasel to the vet.


You’ve got to be success minded.
You’ve got to feel that
things are coming your way
when you’re out selling;

you won’t be able to sell anything.

~ Curtis Carlson

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