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Tuesday 11/24/15 wine delivery, white orchid, volleyball, iron abbey QUIZZO

November 27, 2015

Tuesday 11/24/15

today I was delivery girl.
18 cases of wine.

I like to send my customers a picture of me
delivering their wine so they know I
go the extra mile

tasting whiskey, bourbon & vermouth at White Orchid

Cute Thanksgiving cards we got 🙂

Played volleyball tonight.
We missed the last couple weeks.

after volleyball we went to Iron Abbey for
Quizzo, beer & bacon.

bowl of bacon

friend Marguerite (from Hawaii) stopped in
with her husband Paul (not pictured!)

our team, Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel,
won these glasses! Big winners tonight.


You don’t have to know exactly why

you’re doing something to do it.

And even if you think you know why

you’re doing it,

you benefit by keeping an open mind

to other possibilities.


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