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Friday 11/27/15 Outdoor Volleyball, dog park, Wycombe Publick House, Porter

November 29, 2015

Friday 11/27/15

It was 66 degrees today which means
Outdoor Volleyball!!

Eric hitting as Heather watches

Jenn hitting, Charlie watching

friend Kristy brought her little girls to volleyball
they were riding around on these:
Early Riders (balance bikes)

after volleyball we took the dogs to the dog park.
Chester was making friends

Weasel romping around

we went to Wycombe Publick House so I
could visit a customer

we only got one can of this bc we weren’t sure
how we would like it. I LIKED it!!!

Death By Coconut is an Irish porter

aged on desiccated coconut and dark chocolate


Stop talking about what you have done or what you are

going to do. Just do it and let your actions speak for

themselves. Most great things in life don’t happen by

chance, they happen by choice. You never know what’s

possible until you risk finding out.

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