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Monday 11/30/15 COLD! water department, dog food, candles, food rule

December 2, 2015

Monday 11/30/15

It’s not even that 30 is that cold.
It’s just the 65 degree weather we had over the weekend
that makes 30 sound really cold!

Our wet pavement. Still!

Water Department has arrived!

Verdict: No broken pipe.

The guys think there is water coming from
a sump pump that is wetting our pavement/grass.

This was good news!
I feel like I just saved $2000!

Weasel got a dog food shipment from

We love using
They are less expensive than the Pet Store
& they deliver next day.

got some new Vizsla candles.

They benefit New Hope Vizsla rescue.
They smell good!!

Need some?

Another GREAT food Rule!


“Sometimes, carrying on,
just carrying on,
is the superhuman achievement.”

~ Albert Camus

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