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Saturday 12/5/15 Dog Park, Christmas Decorations, Dinner with Mary & Chris

December 6, 2015

Saturday 12/5/15

Chester (sporting eyebrows) enjoying a romp
at the dog park with Macy the Griffon

Macy & Weasel racing

Fun was had by all!!

Weasel shopping for a Guinea Pig

Weasel getting an Ear rub.
She is in Heaven! Look at that face!

neighbor Mayor Bob’s Christmas Weiner.
He has dachshund!

Weasel checking out the Santa decoration

Made some Mushroom Bacon tonight

delicious Mushroom Bacon

Dinner wines:

2009 Caymus Cab

2009 Spare Me

Friend Mary came over for dinner with husband Chris.

I actually cooked (for a change)……

late night activities…..
Fire pit & Space Dust (Elysian)


The secret of happiness is to count your blessings
while others are adding up their troubles.
~ William Penn

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