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Tuesday 12/8/15 gym Yianni’s, Apollo Grill, Molinari’s, dani rae visit

December 10, 2015

Tuesday 12/8/15

Love when I have the chance to start the day
at the gym. I would never find time later!

Wine tasting at Yianni’s Taverna!

Want Authentic Greek Food?
This is the place!

Tasting with Jansen at Apollo Grill.

I’ve sent friends here & they keep going back!

Molinari’s one of my favorite restaurants.

Farm Fresh Ingredients

and now more wine choices….
Ask LEE which wines are mine.
He has lots of them 🙂

Dani Rae came for a visit.

How many Adults does it take
to put together Mouse Trap??
Remember that game?

The Pig game was FUN!

Dani Rae wearing my cowboy boots!

May your home always be too small
to hold all your friends.

~ Irish saying

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