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12/10/15 Thursday gym, radice, HARRY’s, Castello, Broad Axe, CHESTER Vet, beer

December 11, 2015

12/10/15 Thursday

gym. first thing!


Friend Mary made us lunch today.
Always nice to eat!

Visited RADICE in Blue Bell.
He bought my tasty Vermouth!

Harry’s Taproom was next appointment.

Now being served at Harry’s!
My RED WINE blend from Washington state.
Tell Harry that Helen sent you!

My vermouth got TWO THUMBS up from Chris
at Ristorante Castello. eat here.

Wines of the week…MINE!
Cabernet & a spanish Rose’

Ran into a friend of a friend!

Billy!! Dave says HELLO!!!

Chester had a little “incident” tonight.
He was racing around & overdid it.
Then he collapsed & could not get up.

The Vet thinks he is getting older (11 YRS) & has arthritis.
He gave Chester a Rimadyl prescription.
(non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID)

We will see if that helps him.

Chester resting.

Avery Out of Bounds Stout.
the FAVORITE of beer school!

Bobcats having a drink of water on my friends
front yard in Arizona. So cute, but I’d keep
an eye on my dogs!!!! (she has little ones!)


Greatness is a lifestyle, not a result.
Greatness is strength,
the strength to keep pushing
and to keep living your life
the way you want to live it.
Greatness isn’t an end result.
It’s a state of being.
You don’t win great.
You are great
every day.

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