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Monday 1/11/16 the dogs! New Hope, Dog School, PIANO for Sale, Candy Gram

January 13, 2016

Monday 1/11/16

They still try sharing a bed. These two!!!!

Tasting in New Hope today

My “office” in between appointments.
Dunkin Donuts, not Starbucks.

Tasting at Marsha Browns

Nice views!

Ducks I made friends with

Weasel not too upset about being at Dog School.
Chester was with her tonight.

Grand Piano for sale.

Do you or someone you know need a piano???
Please let me know! This is a GREAT DEAL for
anyone looking to buy a piano.

got my Candy Grams.

The firehouse is selling candy grams
as a fundraiser activity.

Weasel wondering WHO is going to
get a Candy gram???

Don’t Move, might disturb the dog….


Wisdom is knowing what to do next,
skill is knowing how to do it,
and virtue is doing it.

~ David Starr Jordan

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