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1/13/16 Mainland Inn, Butcher and Barkeep, Dettera, PIANO for sale!, Weasels mom

January 16, 2016


Today I had a tasting appointment at the
Mainland Inn located in Harleysville.
had a little soup before our meeting.

sunchoke soup with clams, mussels. bacon, potato

they had an open kitchen.
was really cool
Opened a new account here!

He bought my fancy vermouths.

Drink the El Enemigo Cab Franc
now at Dettera Wine Bar!
Don’t you or someone you know
need a Grand Piano???Looking for a good home……
Weasel photo bombing my PEEP SOCKS picture.
Weasel’s Mom.
Weasel’s mom having FUN in the snow!!
Peace of mind
is not the absence of conflict from life,
but the ability to cope with it.

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