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1/25/16 Monday morning walk,Food Rule, New ‘do, weasel & chester, CHICKEN!!!

January 25, 2016

1/25/16 Monday

Monday Morning Walk was a little challenging.
A maze of snow.
Fortunately, almost everyone shoveled
their sidewalks.
NOT measuring the snow in bananas anymore.
Food Rule!
these two!
We have 3 dog beds. 2 couches
& one dog “perch” (ottoman).
Where do they both HAVE to sleep?
these ROOTS!!! ugh!
time to spiff up!
needed some color & shaping up.

Love that my hair stylist is my neighbor!

my neighbors daughter drew this
picture of their dog. Totally cute!
Weasel wants Chester’s piece of bread.
She does eventually get it.
She Weaseled her way in!
my friend Stefanie is getting one of these chickens:

Ameraucana/Easter Egger
(because they lay green and blue eggs)



Every day brings a choice:

to practice stress or peace.
~ Joan Borysenko

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  1. The giraffe picture made me laugh! Not only do those chickens lay green and blue eggs but they have funny looking feathery jowls/beards that crack me up. If mine doesn’t have a big feather beard I am going to be really sad! 🙂 But of course I will love her anyway!

    • helcha8 permalink

      Do they guarantee CHICKENS?
      What happens if you end up with a rooster?

      • I am not certain. That is something I will be asking when I place my order 🙂

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