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Monday 2/1/16 Weasel, Cardinals, Food Rule, Chester to the Vet

February 3, 2016

Monday 2/1/16

Weasel inspecting a dead snowman
we had some Cardinals in our yard today.
How Cool!!
Food Rule
FOOD RULE #21 concludes PART ONE.

What should I eat? (EAT FOOD!)

the Hawaiian Orchid is still thriving.
Chester has a lump on his leg from licking it
Waiting for the Doctor
He’ll be ok.
He has to increase his benadryl dosage.He’s still a little creaky with the arthritis, but
all the drugs we give him for that adversely
affect his organs.
these kittens are up for adoption.
Anyone need an Orange Kitty??
They are very friendly & super cute 🙂

I realized at a very young age
that health is precious.
Too many people don’t realize it

until it’s slipping away.

~ Sean Swarner

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One Comment
  1. I am going to be laughing at your Cardinals all day! 😀

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