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Saturday 2/13/16 gym, Candy Gram, danny diehl, brother ray, Empanada Mama,

February 15, 2016

Saturday 2/13/16

overdue visit to the gym.
I missed a couple days last week.

the dog cam. spying on the canines.

New Vizsla sticker for the car.

It’s a sugar face Vizsla.

Delivered Candy Grams to some neighbors.

New dish towels for me from sister Pat

Visiting Danny Diehl at work.

Visiting Brother Raymond at work!

an oldie but good piece of furniture Ray created
for last years Flower Show.

It is an underwater scene coffee table
made of metal.

next stop was Empanada Mamas

here she is in person: Empanada Mama

We got a couple dozen Empanadas to go & had
neighbors over for dinner.

Soup, salad, Empanadas, some wine.
It was nice 🙂

“Things work out best
for those who make the best of how things work out.”
~ John Wooden

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