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Monday February 15th 2016 Weasel (of course), Food Rule, Dentist, Greek Wine

February 17, 2016

Monday February 15th 2016

Weasel stalking SOMETHING???
Weasel photo bombing picture of
the Rose I got for Valentines Day”dog body with a Rose Head”
Found this in my mailbox.
Forgot I lent it out.
Do you want to borrow it??
Food Rule #23
and we have SNOW! again…….
brought my dentist & his wife a wine from Greece.

They were telling me how they had a great Greek Wine
down in Florida but could not find any up here.
Helen to the rescue!

made a tasty pot of Spinach & beans.
Not that I could eat it since I was shot up
with Novocaine. It is always better the next day.

“A simple practice of intentionality:
When I do it, my life is different.
More purposeful, more consciously lived,
more content with any action.”

~ Leo Babauta

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