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Friday 2/19/16 Fred’s not, Saucon Valley, Kome, White Orchid, Melt, PHI, Betty

February 20, 2016

Friday 2/19/16

friend Jesse using my coffee mug at
Fred’s Breakfast ClubTanya – good thing we didn’t go!
Appointment at the Saucon Valley Country Club.

Love my clubs! Always so pretty.

tasting appointment at KOME

They need more of my SAKE!

Next stop was White Orchid

They are using my Vermouth to make a cool cocktail
called GIN THYME

today we tasted some wines

and the 24 Knots Pinot Noir was a WINNER!
so drink THAT when you go there…..

Aaron from GNC trying to get info for me
on the DLPA supplement that Chester takes.
Everyone seems to be out of it 😦
MELT is putting a new restaurant on top.

I want to get in there with my wines!

Birthday (#92 ) dinner at PHI with Michael’s Mom.

PHI is a Vietnamese restaurant near where
Betty lives.

Dani Rae & Betty (90 yrs more than Dani!)
Dani Rae saying goodnight
Police Activity. It’s a longish story and it ends up OK.

traffic stop, warning issued – no ticket.
A little overkill with 3 cop cars though.

inside Dani Rae’s tent
No matter what someone is great at,

they all sucked at it when they started.

So cheer up, keep trying, and maybe someday

you’ll get sorta good at it.


I highly recommend
that you practice
expecting imperfection.

~ Leo Babauto

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