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Sunday 2/21/16 Weinermobile, “manicure’, St Patrick lights, italian homework

February 21, 2016

Sunday 2/21/16

saying good bye to Dani Rae.
She spent the weekend here with us.
Michael bought me this MP3 player
bc my Italian textbook came with an
MP3 disc but I had no way to play it.
shipped out a few presents today.
Will you be getting one of them???
We saw the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile at Acme
& had to stop to get pictures of it.
Finally got to buy some Girl Scout cookies.
Which ones are your favorite?
What is going on here?? Can you tell??
Chester getting a manicure!
We are all ready for St Patrick’s Day!
spent some time doing Italian Homework
with my new MP3 player.It’s hard learning a new language!

If we are facing in the right direction,
all we have to do is keep on walking.

~ Joseph Goldstein

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