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Wednesday 2/24/16 Food Rules,Tony’s,Temperance House, Brick & Barrel, Billy bday

February 26, 2016

Wednesday 2/24/16

Food Rule #24 makes sense!
First appointment today was at TONY’s.

Trying to get some Spring wines in there.

Popped in at the TEMPERANCE HOUSE a newly
reopened restaurant/innMade a contact & is a potential new customer
sign in the lobby of Temperance House
Next stop was El Barrio.
Ended up getting an appointment for Friday.Maybe he’ll finally buy some wine??!!??
The owner of Churchville is never around.
Left behind a price book & invite to a Spirits Tasting.
It was our Friend BILLY’s birthday (in December)
& we finally are getting the chance to meet up
with him. He sells pallets, hence the
Pallet Birthday Card!
Billy with the Birthday loot!
We were at the Brick & Barrel
& they have this GREAT DEAL.Flights of beer/whiskey/appetizers
the Beer/Appetizer flight. Tasty!
Me & friend Marguerite.

We came to watch the Villanova game.
Her nephew, Ryan Arcidiacono is one of the
star players. Go Archie!


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

~ Mark Twain

Show this value by doing today’s Values Idea:

Set realistic short and long term goals.
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