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Friday February 26th 2016 Weasel, Tim Horton, Iron Abbey, taqueria feliz, sushi

February 27, 2016

Friday February 26th 2016

Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel
being my office assistant today 🙂
my new favorite coffee.
for a couple reasons.It tastes good.
You can recycle the pod once you remove
the coffee & filter. It’s easy to do!
Appointment at Iron Abbey today.
The owner called ME !!
We tasted a couple Brazilian wines
& a Spanish wine.He liked the White Brazilian
& Spanish Red.

Promises we’ll do something next time
he changes his wine list.

while I was there…..
I got a “CROWLER” —
that’s a can of beer they can for you
from beer they have on tap.
it’s crazy!Free Will Chasing the Dragon
stopped in to see an account of mine.
They recently changed their place from
Italian to Mexican.
Too many Italian places around.
Enjoying some sushi at home.

Michael was sick so we didn’t go out.
I was HAPPY about that!

Not that Michael was sick….
Happy about NOT going out.
We are out TOO MUCH!

THEN…… I saw a friend had checked into
an Absinthe Bar so in his honor I made
one of those drinks……Know how it works??

The absinthe is sweetened with a cube of sugar, placed on a slotted spoon balanced on top of the glass. Water is dripped over the sugar, so that it dissolves slowly into the refreshment below.


Keep going,
things will change and everyday
is a chance to live the life you want.

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