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Sunday March 6th 2016 Weasel, Chester, Augusto’s with Roman/Denise,Keith/Carolyn

March 9, 2016

Sunday March 6th 2016

Chester was being a BONE hog.
He had 5 bones & wouldn’t share with Weasel.
Eventually, she got one!
Cool presentation of Caesar Salad at Augusto’s
Neighbors Roman & Denise (left)
treated us to dinner with Carolyn & Keith at
Augusto’s tonight.We connected Carolyn & Keith with
Roman & Denise then Carolyn & Keith
bought Roman & Denise’s mountain house.

This was a good strategy on our part so we can
still have house visitation rights!

FUN was had by all!

Carolyn is a Tennis player. get it?

10 S Girl


“You don’t need more time…
you just need to decide.”

~ Seth Godin

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