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Monday March 14th 2016 Weasel, Wine, DMC Auto, Chester

March 17, 2016

Monday March 14th 2016

Weasel rabbit hunting
preparing for a wine tasting.
Weasel supervising.
Easter present I gave Dominic our mechanic.
The Lexus was in getting something done.
New coils?? I don’t pay attention.
neighbor Roman’s car getting some TLC from Dominic.

We love our Mechanic & are happy to share!

Patiently waiting for dinner
AFTER dinner. Swapped spots. Still one bed.
Friendship is the only cement that will ever
hold the world together.~Woodrow Wilson
there are always dogs…..


Build great relationships, for their own sake.
A surprising amount of my business
comes from people whom I never planned
or cared to make money from.
We just like and trust each other.

~ Rich Gallagher

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