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Sunday 3/20/16 Zen Habits, FREE butter dish, banana pancakes, Playdate, Mail!

March 21, 2016

Sunday 3/20/16

THIS is my new favorite book.
EVERYONE should read it.I would happily lend it out but it is one
I definitely want to keep for my library.
FREE to good home!!

Pat got a couple glass butter dishes that I really like so
we can let someone have this one if you
like this style. LMK!

Today I made “2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes”

You really do NEED only two items but the addition
of a couple other ingredients is good too.

Here is the recipe

They cook fairly quick
Ta Da!!! tasty banana pancakes!
Weasel having a playdate with Savannah
RUN Weasel RUN!
Time to Mail some Mail!

It takes time to decorate the boxes & letters
but I like doing it & I think most people like
getting fancy mail !

Will YOU Be getting some Helen Mail??


How you do anything
is how you do everything.”

~ Greg Wittstock

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