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3/25/16 GOOD FRIDAY wine tasting, Impromptu beer tasting in Ivyland, Ham Dance

March 28, 2016


Australian Wine tasting today.
Always learning!!
We Skype in our Pittsburgh coworkers.
The pug in the middle is HELEN 🙂
Making a wine delivery. I’m full service.
Visited a “newish” restaurant in Peddler’s Village.

Earl’s is going to soon reopen. And hopefully, my
wines will soon be in there….

Me & the Bull at the Cock n Bull.

Trying to get my banquet wines in there.

Visited the Hotel du Village.
They got a new buyer, I needed to meet her.She has vizsla mix rescue dog. We got along swell!
Visited a new restaurant in Hatboro,
that my wines/spirits are NOT in :(It’s a long story……maybe one day!
They have 40 taps which you would think would
make us happy. They only had 20 beers!
And no flights!The food was just ok. It’s new.
They probably just need some tweaking.
We had an impromptu beer tasting at our house.
Who would think we could get 4 neighbors
out on a Friday night at 10pm?We did & we had FUN!
and the night ended with me Dancing with the Ham!

and Roman photo bombing me….


Together, the high times get better.
Together, the low times seem lesser.

~ Ron Kaufman

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