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Thursday 3/31/16 Dogs, fan mail, Huntingdon Valley Country Club, Hotel Fiesole

April 3, 2016

Thursday 3/31/16

This is the dogs sleeping in….

Weasel likes to be under the covers.

Weasel not seeing what the other dogs are seeing
WHO is getting HELEN MAIL??
Anyone have a pending birthday ???
Appointment at Huntingdon Valley Country Club
We did a Pinot Noir Tasting & they bought
6 of the 7 wines. YAY!
next appointment was Hotel Fiesole in Skippack.
They are redoing their wine list.
They liked a few of these wines.
We will do another tasting when I return form Italy
met up with friend Mary at Blue Bell Country Club
How many Horse heads???
Do you say HI to dogs??


“If I don’t have time for what matters,
I will stop doing things that don’t.”

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