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Monday & Tuesday April 4th & 5th ITALY Campania / Mastroberardino

April 23, 2016

Monday & Tuesday April 4th & 5th
ITALY Campania / Mastroberardino

As you know I traveled to ITALY the beginning of April.
It was a GREAT trip, though quite tiring.
It’s taken me 2 weeks to kind of get back in the swing of things. These are all the photos from the first two days in
Campania, ITALY visiting wine producer MASTROBERARDINO:

I left on Sunday but did not get to Italy until MONDAY
first stop: Mastroberardino

Wines being aged in wood casks
Maria (or trip leader)
with Piero Mastroberardino (right)Pierre is the tenth generation vintner of the Mastroberardino family
Still in Campania
Morning View on my walk before the day begins
puff of Marcelo’s cigar. Photo for friend Ryno.
The Radici Resort where we stayed in Campania

Mastroberardino is now committed to a new project for the wine tourism, with the family-owned Radici Resort, Placed in Mirabella Eclano, in the heart of Taurasi DOCG production area . The Resort, with 6 king-size bed rooms, offers the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of Irpinia in a comfortable and natural environment. The terrace for each room gives the opportunity to enjoy the view of the vineyards. The style of the Resort Reflects its naturally beautiful surroundings.

getting a tour of the Vineyards
dogs kind of roam (& sleep) freely in Pompeii

The Pompeii Ruins where Mastoberardino have vineyards.

Learn more here:

brother Raymond’s Basenjis on vacation in Maine
while I was in Italy.********************************************

“Wherever you go, no matter the weather,
always bring your own sunshine.”


  1. So glad you had a great time! How did you do with your new Italian language skills?

    • helcha8 permalink

      I did use some of my Italian but not as much as I would have liked. Two of the 9 people we were traveling with were fluent in Italian so they did most of the talking. And of course since I’ve returned I haven’t even thought about Italian lessons!

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