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April 11th to the 16th 2016 crappy ideas, Weasel, going away party, Eagles

May 15, 2016

April 11th to the 16th 2016

Due to popular demand….picture of the day is back.
I’ll do a little catch up then get back to normal.
I really missed doing the blog more than I realized.
It takes a lot of time & I’ve been doing it for TEN years without missing a day. Yes, I have a picture diary for every day of the last 10 years. Crazy!

I came home from Italy to a present from friend Rich.
He wrote this book, check it out!
Weasel & I are back to daily streaking.
She missed me!!
I’m back to the gym.

Getting ready for Beach Volleyball & biking too.

the neighborhood girls.
We all got together tonight to say goodbye
to Kim & Denise who are moving. waaaah!WE miss you already!!!
Weasel on the porch
waiting patiently to be invited to the party…..
neighbors Kim & Denise who are moving 😦
those of us not moving (yet!)

Celebrating (?) at Taco Suave.
We love this place.

out for a ride today!

gotta get the bike legs back.

We rode from New hope to Yardley to
check out an Eagles nest (only 24 miles)

honest, there is an Eagles Next in those trees.
I know exactly where it is so I can see it.
THAT is an Eagle!

We saw mom & dad & baby heads popping up.
super cool.

I only had my iPhone with me & not my good camera
so I couldn’t get any “good photos”…

Embrace Change. (I try)


“My next step in the right direction
doesn’t have to be a big one.”

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