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Sunday May 1st to May 7th 2016 Wine event, tastings, volleyball, Kentucky Derby

May 30, 2016

I miss doing a daily picture of the day.
Once I get caught up I’ll go back to a more regular schedule.

if you want to see ALL the pictures from this week this is the link:

Sunday May 1st to May 7th 2016

My colleague LITA presenting at Moonstruck for
Caterina De’ Medici Gastronomic Society

This week the focus was on wines from
Calabria, Italy

Rose’ tasting at Logan Inn in New Hope

met up with a friend of a friend at the
Philadelphia Wine Festival
my manager Faith & coworker Brad
look over my shoulder…..ahahahaha
tasting at Porterhouse Restaurant in Lahaska

Wednesday night Volleyball!

Michael giving instructions.
He loves telling people what to do.

the Weas!
my brother’s Basenji

I was picking up my sister in law Rosemary
to attend a cinco de mayo pizza party baby shower
(for someone we never met)

the Helen pie!
sister in law Rosemary with Linda’s doggie (Cody?)
Me & Linda the party host.

I just met her on Sunday at the Italian wine dinner!
I make friends fast!

Our Last Supper with neighbors Roman & Denise.
At a new (to us) Japanese restaurant. was GOOD!
Beach Volleyball in Seaside Heights with partner JoAnna.

We took 3rd place this week !

after volleyball I went to a Kentucky Derby party
& won MONEY!!!!!*****************************************************

It’s not what you say to everybody
else that determines your life,
it’s what you whisper to yourself every day
that has the greatest power.

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