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Sunday May 15th 2016 Vizsla Romp at the Silo in New Jersey

June 1, 2016

To see ALL the photos from today’s epic VIZSLA ROMP
check out this link:


Sunday May 15th 2016 Vizsla Romp

today Weasel & I attended a VIZSLA ROMP
organized by one of the members of a
Vizsla group I belong to.

We meet at a place called the SILO.
It’s a big open field with a pond
and….a SILO!

Weasel in the middle, next to the Wirehaired Vizsla
Dogs enjoying a run in tall grass
Weasel debating whether to swim or not swim
(she didn’t!)
lots of swimming V’s
the group shot, we had about 25 Vizslas
and a few non V’s
the flyby Vizsla
A pack of Vizslas!
Treat time.

That’s a full bred Wire Vizsla on the left.

after our V romp we visited the beach
Weasel running away from the scary Ocean
We had a great day at the romp and beach

The miracle of your existence

calls for celebration every day.

~ Oprah Winfrey


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