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May 28th to 31st 2016 Memorial Day Weekend biking dani rae dinner books birds

July 7, 2016

I’m determined to catch up on Picture of the Day, you’ll see.
It will happen. I miss doing it.

May 28th to 31st 2016 Memorial Day Weekend

see all the pictures here:

Weasel is on a constant hunt for FROGS.
She just watches them.
Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel FROG WATCHER.
biking on Memorial Day.

We go where others dare not to go…..

MOO HOPE ice cream shop
after 30 miles…. needed that!

Coffee chip. tasty.

Carnival with Dani Rae
Dani Rae flying a helicopter.
dinner tonight. Surf & Turf.

Scallop Ceviche. Soft Shell Crabs. Meat.

FINALLY finished my book I started before Italy trip.

It was charming! I heard it is a movie too.
I’ll have to see if it is on Netflix.

another Biking adventure.
This time we picnicked near the Eagles Nest
hoping for a glimpse of the eaglets.
Here are my babies! Tree Swallows to be.
Time for YOGA!
needed this class.
no BBQ invites for the holiday so we went
out to dinner for our Memorial day.Found a fun BYOB restaurant in Lambertville, NJ


If you’re surrounded by a tightly connected circle of friends who regularly gather to eat and share gossip, you’ll not only have fun but you’re also likely to live an average of fifteen years longer than a loner.

  1. Glad you liked Enchanted April! The movie is good too but of course the book is better 🙂

    • helcha8 permalink

      I’ll let you know if I ever get around to seeinng it Stephanie!

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