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2016 June 12th to June 18th weasel betty wine dani rae Volleyball

July 24, 2016

see all the pictures from this week here:

June 12th to June 18th 2016

This is my view first thing this morning.

❤ weasel

hospital visit to get our cousin Rose Mary

She’s been having sciatica issues.
We came to bring her home.

making a batch of my famous strawberry/jalapeño
tequila concoction
peanut butter & banana concoctions…
a few yummy variations..
attended an event at Mike’s mom’s apartment.
they have a white board with Questions.As we approach Father’s Day,
What is the most meaningful lesson your dad
ever taught you???

my answer: show interest in other people.
Don’t just be all about yourself.

(feel free to send me your answers)

Mike’s Mon Betty (far left)
She’s a singing senior 🙂
Then I was off to Staff Training at Continental Tavern
in Yardley, PA.Go there ….They have LOTS of my Wines!
beer school with a Vertical Tasting of expired Enjoy By’s
Weasel enjoying a Sprinkler : )
Saw DORY with Dani Rae 🙂
Oyster Happy Hour with neighbor Deb & friend Anthony
FIRST PLACE with JoAnna in Bradley Beach, NJ

winner winner……..


Stay young by continuing to grow.
You do not grow old,

you become old by not growing.

~ Wilfred Arlan Peterson

  1. woo hoo! congratulations on the win!

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