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November 2016 stolen purse, doggie playdates, dani rae, Eaglefest, Sports…….

March 18, 2017

November 2016

Not the greatest start to the month.
I guess it can only get better……While I was visiting a customer someone
smashed my car window & stole my handbag.

The GOOD NEWS was – I got back my handbag
with everything in it, minus the money, of course.

Dani Rae attended a Princess Party.
We attended BACONFEST!

The dogs enjoyed it & Weasel took 3rd place
in a costume contest.

Dani Rae wearing Weasel’s costume.
A lion’s mane.
Getting cheap entertainment with Chester.
Nice eyebrows…..
Party with neighbor Deb.

I forget what we were celebrating!

showing off my new LuLaRoe tights.
fancy pants….
neighbor Deb & I attended Eaglefest in Maryland.
Me & Deb at Eagle Fest
Playdate with Weasel.

She wasn’t a fan of me holding Finnegan.

AFTER the playdate
a new ‘do 🙂
Playdate with neighbor dog Savannah
Dani Rae being a BRIDE
baby Sawyer’s first Thanksgiving
chilly bike ride in November
Football Game the Saturday after Thanksgiving
Weasel & Blue another playdate

More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin.

~unknown authorship

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