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3/12/14 gym, wine work, volleyball, snail mail, BETTY

March 14, 2014


neighborhood watch — saw this guy taking pictures
of my neighbors house & alerted them.

Now if we could only find the dog poop perpetrator,
we’d be all good.

If anyone has suggestions on how to solve that
quandary – they are welcome!

Today was the dreaded jump rope day.
Nobody LIKES the jump rope…but we do it….

stopped at Meadowlands Country Club for a tasting –
well, more like a smelling bc the guy never tastes,
just smells…..

stopped at HARRY’s Blue Bell Taproom to check on my customer to be ………

Last stop was Broad Axe tavern………

The Punto Final Malbec is mine,
drink up, it is DELCIOUS!

volleyball tonight, gotta keep the skills sharp.
beach volleyball season is right around the corner.

Sent my customers ST PATRICK DAY CARDS…

I would bet I am the ONLY Wine Rep they have
that sends them St Patrick’s day cards….
who is taking that bet??

I do what sets me apart from the masses.
smart, right???

Any other ideas for me??? I am all ears!

green rooster card


Michael’s Mom Betty featured in the Newsletter where she
just moved to. She loves it there. yay!

Every time you feel yourself getting drawn into other people’s nonsense, repeat these words.



Every little struggle is a step forward.

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