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March 13tn 2014 Anniversary #15, Work appointments, Beer school with friends

March 15, 2014

to see ALL the pictures from today –
click this link:

March 13th 2014

Happy Anniversary to Michael, the guy who said
he would NEVER get married!

love the way both our parents sign the anniversary cards

Dad/Al Mom/Betty

It was a TWO COAT day for Weasel.
Bitter cold today.

At least we didn’t have THIS: SNOW!
This is what Michael woke up to today.

Met friend Lynne for Lunch & to do a wine exchange.

Me & server Robin
The Continental Tavern is going to start carrying
this Malbec of mine. Drink up!!!
Punto Final Malbec.

The Mansion in New Hope, PA.
It is going under renovation & I have an “in” there.

Mother’s carries my liqueur SOREL.
I’m going to do a tasting there soon.
Will keep you posted so you can stop by.

We had a STELLAR turn out for Beer School tonight.
Neighbors. Friends from volleyball. Friends from Biking.
Friends of Friends.

we were giving away a door prize.

Pick a card, the highest card WINS!

Greg & Joanne each picked an ACE.
Since they are married we didn’t have to
draw new cards.

They won an Elvis guitar filled with popcorn.

Me & neighbor Tanya

Weasel, dog tired.

friends Dave, Billy, Robin & Diane

Tanya, you LUSH!

Car Talk with Bruce & Dean

We had SO MANY bottles, Michael just brought
the recycle bin in the house.



Remember that every moment is a choice,
and all those choices add together
to determine the quality of your day.
Choose wisely, choose intentionally,

and choose to add great richness and meaning
to your world today.

Ralph Marston

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