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Wednesday 10/22/14 gym,Blue Bell Inn, Hotel Fiesole, EARL’s sue & ken

October 23, 2014

Wednesday 10/22/14

the girls were checking out a bug on the gym floor
before Boot Camp

BLUE BELL INN first stop today

we tasted two really good Cabernets

Vanity Plate

Pinot Noir / Cabernet Tasting at Hotel Fiesole.

You know what he bought??

The Cabs I showed BB Inn…..

Cider Tasting at KC Prime

EARL’s my last stop of the night

showed her HERON PINOT NOIR & they yummy Cab.

I think she’s going to buy both!

met up with friends Ken & Sue.
Made new friends too. Shocker, right?

The recording of the MGM Lion


Always concentrate on how far you’ve come,
rather than how far you have left to go.

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