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Thursday 10/23/14 gym, Trader Joe’s, Isacc Newton’s beer school field trip

October 24, 2014

Thursday 10/23/14

Gym times 2. (I was off work!)

Went in the morning like I usually do then
met friend Mary for the afternoon class.

it was a 300 pushup day!

dog yoga

Trader Joe loot.
frozen Pineapple “tidbits” & spinach for smoothies.
I didn’t have much time to shop otherwise
I am certain this pile would have been larger.
Love TJ’s!

Field Trip for Beer School tonight.
Isaac Newton’s had Stone Enjoy By on tap!

Donald Duck we left for Kathy the bartender

WOW! A cigarette machine.
I don’t the last time I saw one of these.
Isn’t $6.50 kind of cheap for a pack?
I thought cigarettes were more like $10.

Ran into Don, one of my customers.
He’s a chef at Yardley Country Club

Michael making friends with Dr. Scott


“Practice puts brains in your muscles. ”

~Samuel Snead (1912-2002)
Professional Golfer

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