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Saturday 10.24.14 Next Idea Creativity Retreat at the Abode in NY

October 27, 2014

Saturday 10.24.14

the next idea creativity retreat

Me & Roomie Renee got Room F (for FUN!)

building our own nametags


one of our fearless leaders RICH

on a morning walk around the pond
Rich, Me & Francios (all the way from South Africa)

the pond

we made our way out of the woods, Rich brought these
sticky things. I brought the ticks.

first workshop I attended was

~Bruce Baum, Ed.D.
Are you aware of the Five Languages of Appreciation?

Are you looking for ways to express your appreciation of the effort,

work and accomplishments of others?

The Art of Seeing ~A Photographic Adventure

Mindy Joy Rose

Mindy will guide and inspire us to expand our ways of thinking

and seeing, exploring and discovering from different perspectives.


Neurosplosion: Getting your Brain from Bust to Boom!

Francois Coetzee

Are you sometimes stuck when you need new ideas?

Have you ever wished you could come up with new and exciting thinking, on the spot, inside the box, outside the box, or inside/outside any geometric shape of choice?

Are you interested in learning to shake up your brain to look at new possibilities, or having a new look at old possibilities, or even just having a look?

Then I have the session for you!

Francois & Renee

Francios helped us change our brain & gave us
new ways to think about things.

Razan with her Balanced Rock

I’m CERTIFIED & President of the Bucks County Chapter!

Rock Balancing

by Andre and Judy de Zanger
Finding Balance within and without.

We will wander among rocks and find a few that call to us.

Learn and practice the meditative art of balancing rocks.

with my Balanced rock 🙂

and this was happening back home!
granddaughter Dani Rae making Halloween Cookies

Renee & I trekked to the top of the mountain

the views were stunning but pictures can’t do them justice


RICH broke his board

broke my board 🙂

last we decorated pumkins

Ours was supposed to look like Rich


“Anyone honest will tell you that possibility is far more frightening than impossibility, that freedom is far more terrifying than any prison.”

~Julia Cameron

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