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Sunday 10/26/14 day 2 Creativity Retreat at The Abode of the Message

October 27, 2014

Sunday 10/26/14

TO see ALL the pictures from our amazing weekend
click this link:

The venue was interesting & very unique.
It worked for us. Ladybugs & all……

Views were awesome but pictures NEVER
do them justice.

another FAVORITE workshop

Market or Die! Fun Idea$

~ Rich DiGirolamo

Every business is a marketing business. Again, every business is a marketing business.

And every person can be a great marketer once they find an approach that excites!

THIS was happening at home while I was away.
princess Weasel great dog on her throne

THIS class was so FUN: Improv!

Get your laugh on!

~ Jenny Drescher & Ellen Ornato

Get out of your head and into the fun! This light-hearted, laughter-inducing session will introduce us to key principles and practices of Improv Comedy. We will learn and practice how to use them anytime, anywhere to have more fun, build relationships, break tension, and generate ideas and momentum.

Good-bye Pumpkins!!!

Mohonk Mountain House

On our way home we dropped off our new
friend Francois here.

Francois was attending a Writer’s Workshop
here this week.

The views were stunning AND
we saw a RAINBOW!

Can YOU see it??

This was an amazing venue.

Check out their Website:

Renee, Francois & Helcha!

Time to journey home.
Renee was a great travel partner.
We were able to exchange information
about the retreat & other things….LIFE!


We do not remember days; we remember moments.

~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand

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