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Monday 10/27/14 batman stamps, books, cards, work, fish

October 29, 2014

Monday 10/27/14

morning dog walk shadow

neighbors all decorated for HALLOWEEN!

FUN Batman stamps I got today.
I know you are now dying to get a letter from me!

finally finished this book.
It was good. Lisa Scottoline is good
at spinning tales that are all intertwined
& suspenseful

now it is time for GONE GIRL

Have you read it???

Fun Halloween card I got in the mail.

Friends Terri & Carlos always send me holiday cards.
So nice to be thought of 🙂

and THIS card!! How GREAT to get this one too!!

Working from home, it is a Loooong day.

LOOK what I also got in the mail today:
LEOPARD LOOT from friend Tim Smith of
Smile Therapy:

feeding neighbor Romans fish.
They like having visitors!

cool picture I am sharing with you just because
it is COOL!!!



When things are looking bad,
start looking for what is good.

~Ralph Marston

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