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11/5/14 Mojito, River Grille, Valenca, 3rd & Ferry Fish Market, Marguerite, Parx

November 8, 2014


Waiting for Boot Camp to start

First stop today was MOJITO.
It’s a new restaurant in New Hope.
I have a tasting appointment with them next Thursday!

River Grille is another new account in EASTON,PA
that I am working on getting

Sparkling Cider, Chardonnay & Tempranillo tasting
at Valenca (my account!)

Naomi, another server & Amanda

friend Marguerite met me at 3rd & Ferry Fish Market,
one of my accounts.
They make their own barrel aged bourbon.
AND they sell my wine!

Enjoying some bacon wrapped scallops

8:30pm last appointment of the day: PARX CASINO

we tasted a blanc (saivignon blaqnc)
& rouge (pinot Noir) Sancerre

(from the in the eastern part of the Loire valley)

the perfect pairing at the end of a long day.
Choco-pie & red wine!

Dog Michael saw while in Center City Philadelphia today

What WEASEL looked like in her youth…..

If you’ve ever fallen, failed, been lost or confused, had your heart broken or faced uncertainties and difficult times and then still gotten up and taken that next step…
Your tenacity is not only pretty amazing, it’s pretty inspiring too!
Rest easy tonight; you so deserve it!
~Paul Boynton

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