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11/6/14 Weasel, Impractical Jokers, Rodizio Grill, El Barrio Cantina, BeerSchool

November 8, 2014


Try to take things less seriously.
Doing this today (& always if possible…..)

Weasel on the Triple Decker Dog Bed

in Florida, sister Pat ran into Murray & Sal from the
Impractical Jokers show.

Have you seen the show?? We love it!!

Went out to see my customer at Rodizio Grill
in Allentown, PA. It is a Brazilian Steakhouse.

Pedro putting meat on the knife skewer

they have these two Brazilian Wines of mine
(among others)

Stopped at Shangy’s on the way home.
aka Beer Heaven.

It’s a huge beer distributor out near Rodizio.

next stop was my account EL BARRIO Cantina.
This is a new account of mine.

dropped off a price list & had a margarita with friend Susan

then I was off to BEER SCHOOL

we tried a vertical tasting of Sierra Nevada Celebration

2010, 2012, 2013 & 2014

’10 was the Fave.

MUST stay hydrated…..

I applied to be on this reality show DESERTED.
It’s supposed to be Men only, but you never know.
Maybe I’ll pique their interest?


If you keep waiting until the time is right,
you’ll keep missing opportunities
to make something good happen right now.
One small step is all it takes.

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