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Friday 11/7/14 Florida, Philadelphia, Yardley, Phoenixville: Jost Project

November 9, 2014

see ALL the pictures from today’s adventure here:

Friday 11/7/14

sister Pat sent this as she was relaxing
at her friends pool today.
Pat is NOT ready to move there as she would
miss family & friends (dogs & maybe Cat)

My Center City Office
All my co-workers were there today

friend Shannon sent this photo of here
Chihuahua’s shadow!

Cool Mural in Center City Philadelphia.
Have you seen this??
Do you know where it is located??

visited my account today & delivered this

Every wine on this list is mine 🙂

Drink up!

Continental Tavern in Yardley, PA

Adventure to Phoenixville, PA
Dinner with friends: Don & Deb, Joyce & Jeff

at MARLYS then a show
after at Steel City Coffee Shop to see

I brought this wine FRANK FAMILY Cabernet
to share with friend DON who retired TODAY.

I first learned about the wine
when I ordered it at friend Joslyn’s wedding.
I did not realize until later
that 11/7 is Joslyn & Chris’s anniversary.

How apropos that we drank that wine tonight.

Don next to a cool Cork Board

Don & the headless lady

the jost project is coming together with a new cd

members of the the jost project

Paul, Tony, Drummer, Kevin

Don, Deb & Helen

Kevin brought me a bottle of wine

LA MERIKA we really liked it!

Kevin in action

the jost project

Steel City Coffee Shop with friends
Don & Deb, Joyce & Jeff


If you’re lazy and unreliable,

it doesn’t matter what you’re good at.

~Charlie Munger

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