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Wednesday 11/12/14 Weasel, El Barrio, Adult Education Awards

November 13, 2014

Wednesday 11/12/14

Any day that Weasel eats is a HAPPY day for me!

gearing up for BOOT CAMP

stopped at El Barrio to make an appointment
for a wine tasting on Thursday.
This is my newest account.

sign at Keith Valley Middle School
where Adult Education classes are held.

Tonight the classes were demonstrating what they learned.

with friend Marguerite & her Dad Ben.
Ben took a painting class & they were giving awards tonight.

Ben’s painting

The Pledge Allegiance in Sign Language

Ben won third place. Congrats Mr Archie!

The guitar class played a Jimmy Buffett song

Dog Obedience Class


Belly dancing
(see the little girl???)

friend Susan bringing home her 15 year old dog Casey
after surgery at the vets.
Bella, her other dog, on close watch.

friend Jesse saw THIS Vanity Plate
Tell me what you think this says
& I’ll share our thoughts….

We always plan too much
and always think too little.

~ Joseph A. Schumpeter

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