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Thursday 11.13.14 work with spanish portugal wine guy, beer school, SNOW

November 14, 2014

To see ALL the pictures from today’s adventure
click this link:

Thursday 11.13.14

Today I got to work with Eric from Winebow.
He’s in charge of our wines from Spain
& Portugal. WE had a FULL day ahead of us.

first appointment was a no show 😦

I will never understand how people do this. never.

Then we went to El Barrio in Holland

tasting with Celso one of the owners

next stop was TORRE in Center Valley.

Today was their Grand Opening!

That’s my tequila in the Tequila Tower.
Fortaleza, ask for it.

tasting with Pedro at Rodizio Grill

neighbor Deb trudged over to our house in the SNOW!!

Beer School was ON!!

SNOW!!!!!! how FUN!!!

Beer School students
Dean, Deb, Jim, Helen

Chester snoozing on the couch because
Weasel was using his bed.

Pat arrived home the same day as her postcard.
Welcome back from Florida sister Pat!!

History has demonstrated that
the most notable winners
usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles

before they triumphed.
They won because they refused to become
discouraged by their defeats.

~ Bertie Charles [B.C.] Forbes

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